way Great Master

The cultural association AIDA would like to invite you to help them by giving your support to the AMADE Mondiale, whilst reviving an ancient American charity tradition from the beginning of the 20th century. Initiated by the American magazine “Vogue” and the illustrator, George Plank who supplied some of the most prestigious front covers of this same magazine. 


At a time when the art of photography was in its infancy. The magazines team in partnership with the hotel “Waldorf Astoria” invited the elegant ladies of New York to be photographed in a staged set up. The set ups represented the illustrations done by George Plank, on the covers of the magazine. These prints where then sold for the sole benefit of raising funds for charities.


AIDA would like to invite you to choose amongst the 23 illustrations presented in the exhibition “Passion Exotiques de la Belle-Epoque”. In order to reserve your photographique portrait inspired by the painting of one of theses symbolique artists of the Belle Epoque. 


A photo shoot will be organised during the month of September 2017 at the Fairmont, Monte-Carlo, to offer you a highly memorable adventure. Professional photographers from the fashion Industry, with a view to do your original portrait, which is then culturally referenced, will cover this.

AIDA proposes to realize your photographic portrait inspired by one of the paintings of great Masters presented on the exhibition "Exotic Passions of the Belle Epoque".


A shooting will be organized in September by the photographer Calypso de Sigaldi, surrounded by a team made up of fashion designer Elizabeth Wessel, make-up artist Joe Ghannam and a hairdresser studio staff Eric Stipa. A framed 30 x 40 cm print will be offered to you for a contribution of 1,500 € to the benefit of AMADE.


An evening will be organized at the end of October 2017 to expose all the photographs made and to give them officially to their owners, generous donors of the AMADE.