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about the AIDA's team

The Board of Directors for AIDA comprises a dynamic team where creative and administrative personnel have the same desire to share: to share experiences, knowledge and expertise to ensure the association’s projects are well thought-out and run.

Frederic Garcin
Acting President
Director of memberships 

In parallel of his role at AIDA, Frédéric is President at MCSC perpetuating a 4 generations old family tradition of real estate investments in and around Monaco. He is also a director at a Zurich based Family Office focusing on alternative and liquid investments. 


Previously in London, as a principal at Argenthal Private Capital, Frédéric developed private equity projects with his brother François after gaining experience as a European sales manager at Structured Retail Products ltd advising in particular regulators, among which the AMF.


Prior to this, he was a strategic analyst in Milan for a merger project in the field of health insurance for which he received the first prize of Financial Performance from the French Ministry of Foreign Trade. Frédéric studied in Prépa HEC, at Bocconi in Milan and holds a master’s degree in business from Sciences Po Paris.


Frédéric speaks French, English, German, and Italian and his passions are philanthropy and art. Frederic actively participates in the Monegasque artistic and philanthropic agenda.

Issued from one of the oldest Monegasque families, she is also the descendant of a line of artists versed in the contemporaneity of expression. With this family cultural richness, Calypso naturally turns to the artistic expression of her generation; the fashion photography, before evolving in art photography. .

First a privileged spectator of the masters of the practice, through a career of model, then by creating her photographers' agency which quickly becomes a production house specialized fashion, career which leads her to manage the production of many advertising campaigns in the universe of luxury brands and to exercise her creative imagination by art directing many advertising campaigns and editorial fashion series.
In 2006,  she realizes her first personal clichés. Since then, she has expressed her vision of society, through series and exhibitions (galleries and museums) where her career in fashion photography remains palpable 


Co-founder of the association AIDA, Calypso does not abandon her own art by participating
regularly in artistic events, while devoting herself with passion to the realization of the events and the cultural seasons proposed by the Association, which proposes every year, since its creation in 2015, to revisit the major pages of history and strong artistic movements, to draw answers to our problems today.

Calypso de Sigaldi
Artistic director 
Jeanne Kostenko

Fascinated by the "Beautiful Object", Jeanne takes her first adult steps in an applied arts school where she specializes in the restoration of antique furniture.


Life will lead her to other horizons, while remaining close to the art world thanks to a spontaneous sensitivity and the right instincts that guide her curiosity.


Born of a classical training, she enriches her cultural universe through her many travels, which lead her to take an interest in the cultural heritage of the countries of Eastern Europe and the primitive arts of the islands of Oceania. With these experiences, she is particularly active in the community in the exchange of cultures.


Jeanne Kostenko brings to AIDA her skills of administrator to better carry the projects of the association.

Born and raised in Paris, Alexandre PASCAL holds a BA in European Business and a Franco-Russian MBA.
He spent a part of his student life and begun his career overseas in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, the UK and Poland. After what, he worked for 10 years in Paris as Foreign Sales Export Manager. 

Joining a Private Bank in Monaco, he discovers French Riviera's lifestyle and the richness of its cultural exchanges. During those 5 years in banking, he developed privileged relationships with a very international clientele, which pushes him to reoriente his career, openning his own property management company.

More and more sensitive to the aesthetics of beautiful stones,and thanks to the recommendations from his clients, he specializes in the management of luxury property, including their seasonal rentals, and real estate transactions.

His international professional background and his knowlege of various cultures, help Alexandre PASCAL to federate the members of the association around our common heritage.

Alexandre PASCAL
General secretary
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