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Like any non-profit organization, AIDA carries out its projects with the support of its members and through partnerships with brands who want to associate their image with the events it produces. 


To support an association like ours, it is also to support the artistic creation,
that is why, rather than to invite you to take an annual subscription,
we invite you to support us by the acquisition of works of art
of which 30% will help to finance the daily work of our association.

We thank all the artists who have agreed to play the game with us and we hope you many support this approach by the acquisition of works that we offer here at rates slightly below their rating established by a auction house well-known auction, to encourage you to support us, while offering you an advantageous acquisition for you.


Your support is essential to offer ambitious and qualitative events. 


The cultural space is full of diverse and varied events, we remain convinced that ambition and iconoclastic formulation can make the difference.

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Your private sponsorship helps support the annual running of the association, allowing us a thorough work in the creation of our artistic seasons.


AIDA is not a club, its purpose is to federate an international community convinced of the usefulness of promoting culture through enlightened entertainment; its members are motivated by the desire to help us set up high-impact cultural projects capable of impacting everyone's vision of the place of culture in everyday life and in the evolution of society.


As active or benefactor support you benefit from a 30% discount on all our paid events and a privileged entrance fee for our free events.

– Get a Piece of Art to support AIDA –

Angels in the City
by Calypso de Sigaldi

490 € /canevas

Art photographer with an established quote, Calypso de Sigaldi invites you to find the imagery related to the myth of angels, with a selection of 17 original photographs presented on canvas with frame in format 20 X 30 cm, signed by a wax hidden, presented in boxes shaped by hand, accompanied by a message of life inspired by the work.

Select your  favorite art piece
on our
 Online shop

Fashion Icons
by Elizabeth Wessel

850 € /painting

Elizabeth Wessel offers small 25x25 cm paintings, also presented in gift boxes. These unique pieces come from her series "Fashion Icons" where painting, couture and various materials are mixed to better assert the style of this artist, from the world of couture whose reputation is needed all the way to Asia. Select your  favorite art piece on our Online shop



from 8 000 to  15 000 €
/ piece of Art

Through a tasty mixture of painting and sculpture, the visual artist Amalia Mattaör revisits the force of the elements and feelings on murals from which flow sculptures whose sensual femininity screams the strength of feelings. Her art pieces are regulary exposed in prestigious art Galeries of Paris, New-York and Los Angeles.
Select your  favorite art piece
on our Online shop


A brand can choose to give its  support to the global actions of the association, through an annual patronage to support all our operations, but also; AIDA proposes to brands whose identity is in phase with a specific event to associate their image through sponsorship programs, studied on a case by case basis.


Here, specific packages, depending on the sector of activity, are proposed to offer the visibility most in line with the identity of the brand.

THEIR SUPPORT Support helped our events

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