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of the belle époque
April-May 2017 in Monaco

In anticipation of its summer cultural season 2017, AIDA proposes to rediscover the great artistic movements born in the middle of the nineteenth century around Orientalism and Japanism.


Wind of exoticism on the society of then, these currents knew to evolve to go beyond a simple fashion effect  to influence permanently the western artistic vision.


Classical painting, symbolism, Impressionism, Art & Craft, dance, fashion, music, shows, architecture, literature ... all benefit from the combined influences of Japanism and orientalism to offer a new dynamic to western artistic creation.


This exhibition, presented in "Preview" at the Opera Gallery in Monaco, traces the journey of European and American artists who laid the foundations of Contemporary Art through their reinterpretation of Oriental and Japanese aesthetics.

Classic painters
Impressionism & Symbolism
Fashion & Advertising
Art & Craft