Welcome on the website
of the cultural association AIDA


Providing services for the society of tomorrow

AIDA (Association Internationale d’Actions Artistiques) is a non-profit association based in Monaco, founded by Mykhailo Kuliniak and Calypso de Sigaldi.

AIDA’s mission is to explore every facet of the arts, both classical and contemporary, with the aim being to organise cultural projects in the Principality of Monaco that can be taken abroad.

Both founders have been educated in the arts, each representing a culture and different modes of expression. Through AIDA, Mykhailo Kuliniak and Calypso de Sigaldi want to share this passion they have in common for the art world. 

Culture is a passport to the soul; it opens the door to humanism. Far from being rigid, art is one of the most playful mediums leading to knowledge of oneself, of the world and the history of humanity.

Beyond its aesthetic and poetic aims, art is above all a channel for reflection. By touching the soul through the subjective and the emotions, art speaks to our subconscious helping us to better understand the conscious, which contributes to the development of tomorrow’s society.

AIDA wants to bring together in one entity Active and Benefactor Members who have a desire to promote knowledge through artistic creation.