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Date to be confirmed, In London

Imagined and realized by the art photographer, Calypso de Sigaldi, the exhibition "Lessons of Love", uses the visual codes of the painters of the French painting current “Les Fêtes Galantes”, to illustrate the state of mind of this eighteenth century, confused between Jansenist morality, libertine currents and the new philosophical thought that relies on science to evoke the importance of primitive instinct in human behavior.


The exhibition focuses on the love relationship, through 11 snapshots associated with quotes from leading authors of the Enlightenment. Beaumarchais, Voltaire, Casanova, Jacques Cazotte, Marivaux, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and the others demonstrate how, under a frivolous exterior, the society of the time wonders, between thirst for liberties and moral precepts.


The exhibition begins its international tour, planned throughout 2018, with an exceptional event in a London gallery, where the renowned pianist Sophia Livoskaya expresses her emotion towards texts and images, through a musical repertoire that she wished particularly sensual.

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