Quanta Dada
by Ivan Suvanjieff

Quanta Dada by Ivan Suvanjieff
Waiting for a new date in 2020,
at "Espace Neptune" in the Port of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

The association AIDA offers you an exceptional meeting with an emblematic figure of the American artistic, musical and literary scene of the end of the 20th century; this creative movement post "Beat Generation" which channelled its revolt to put it at the service of the Human.

This Activist 17 times nominated at the Nobel Peace Prize thanks to the Peace-Jam Foundation he co-founded with his wife Dawn in 1996, for its concrete work in more than 40 countries, Ivan Suvanjieff is a true heir to the American counterculture. This multi-faceted artist proposes, through his new pictorial creation, to rediscover the spirit of Dadaism, this surrealism movement keen on an altruistic intellectual refinement, to redefine its codes in our current society.

Ivan Suvanjieff  first found notoriety being the leader of the Ramrods, the punk-rock band that emerged in Detroit in the late 70s.Then, editor of the mythical CREEM magazine, self-proclaimed "America’s only rock ’n’ roll magazine ", he sharpens his eye of photographer on clichés known all around the world. He also paints ... and his creations, always in black and white, install his reputation in the underground New-York artistic scene, as everywhere in the United States. In the 90s  he comes back to the edition by founding, , "The New Censorship" the literary magazine "of the next savage state" from which its 50 issues are today cult thanks to the quality of its legendary editorialists as Allan Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski ... to name a few!

"Quanta Dada" is the very first colour exhibition of this artist symbolic of the intellectual power of the American counterculture. The association AIDA is particularly honoured to be associated with the launch of this new message of Peace signed Ivan Suvanjieff.

« Quanta Dada », the new Dadaïsm by Ivan Suvanjieff

Espace Neptune – Port of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

New Date not confirmed yet
Varnishing of the Exhibition in presence of the artist (on invitation)

New date not confirmed yet
Open exhibition, Free acess 11.30 am to 7.00 pm

New date not confirmed yet
Private visit of the exhibition followed by a dinner in presence of the artist.
(on strict invitation, reserved to collectors)