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Due to the diversity of its population where more than 120 nationalities live in harmony, the Principality of Monaco is an ideal cradle of cultural exchange.

It also represents a beacon of harmony between cultures and countries with evidence almost every day of how this country is a laboratory of ideas contributing to the development of tomorrow’s society. The Sovereign HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, through his commitment to protecting biodiversity, is a driving force for this exchange between cultures to the benefit of all.

AIDA aspires to produce arts projects of an international stature that will bring nations and generations together in mutual understanding.

Everyone talks about globalisation and yet today’s society often seems riven by individualist impulses and with some communities in decline.

In the image of the Monegasque model, AIDA aims to encourage a dynamic of sharing: between classical and contemporary cultures, between diverse forms of artistic expression, between different peoples, their cultures and way of thinking through aesthetics and musicality... Sharing between elders and young members of their family, sharing between all those who experiment through artistic creation.
Defending a cultural identity does not mean we should ignore others; this is also true between generations or diverse forms of artistic expression.

AIDA plans to produce arts events that will interest an international audience with world tours, with the focus initially on the Principality of Monaco.


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             AIDA launch party

             AIDA launch party